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Based on the concept of a foldable work table found in military facilities and antique fairs, this work table has a small size that is easy to use in a Japanese living environment.

The plywood top plate is intentionally thinned to give it a vintage feel, giving it a texture such as uneven shades.

Please enjoy using it as an element that enhances the vintage feel even if it gets dirty or scratched.


  • This product is designed for home use. It cannot be used for business purposes. 
  • Do not use it as a playset or stand on the product as a stepping stone as it may cause a fall, injury or damage. 
  • Do not place wet or hot items directly on surface.
  • If excessive load is applied, it may cause damage and the table to tip over 
  • Please note that the paint film is thinly finished to give it an antique texture, and it is a "scratch-prone" finish
  • In order to give a vintage texture, the leg fasteners (bolts) are visible on the surface of the top plate. The legs are also treated with uneven color and scratches to give them a texture. 


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Color: gray
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  • DIMENSIONS: W1200mm x D460mm x H725mm


    WEIGHT: Approximately 11kg